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Boyce ( Werewolf Lt .)

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Warm reminder:
Body (RGMbody-3)+ Werewolf head with make-up + shoes (Rshoes70-13)+ eyeballs (RE-37) + hair (Rwigs60-44)+ clothes (RC70-42)+ human head without make-up(RGM24)+ Werewolf hand
1.The skin color of Boyce (werewolf version) in official pictures is tan, the official body is RGMbody-3 (3rdRingdoll two-joint grown body)
2.Boyce (werewolf version) is limited version, the limited time is from now to 2014 Dec 31st.
3.Boyce (werewolf version) full-set limited is tanned skin and RGMbody-3 body.
4.The first 50 customers (either human being version or werewolf version) can get one silver bullet necklace.
5.Before Dec 31st, every one who buy Boyce (werewolf version) will gain a Boyce human head (tanned skin).
6.Eyes shipped with the basic doll were changed to acrylic eyes on Dec 1st, 2014. One of them will be shipped radomly. 
RD launched a confirmation service , anyone who pick up RD dolls will receive a confirmation mail in one week. Specific ▶click here
Boyce gradually told his story. 
He was not born a werewolf. He was a wealthy man before, and had a beautiful wife. His wife's name was Lilian.
He thought he would live happily forever with Lilian, but fate suddenly push him into hell.
On a full moon night, he was attacked by a horrible werewolf in  carriage. All people in the carriage died, although he survived luckily, he experienced one week-long coma.
After a week, the fever went down, he thought that God was blessing him. He and his wife prayed together to the God, they thought from then on they could go out from the unexpected misfortune and live happily again.
But the misfortune, once started, would follow people forever. God didn’t bless Boyce, only giving him more pain and suffering.
It was the first full moon after being bitten, Boyce felt pain, like the whole body being breaking. He couldn’t control his mind, and be caught in extreme rage.
That was the first time Boyce became a werewolf. He was infected. When he recovered, he found that he had killed his wife, Lilian.
At that time, Lilian was pregnant already.
For the story,please turn to the link:

The first 50 customers (either human being version or werewolf version) can get one silver bullet necklace.   

Silver bullet necklace: Special accessory on Halloween, which can protect you from demons. 






Doll Measurements:

-Total Height (include Head) : 70.5 cm

-Girth of head: 20.5 cm

-Girth of Neck: 13 cm

-Girth of Chest: 31.5 cm

-Girth of waist: 23.5 cm

-Girth of hips: 28.5 cm

-Girth of arm: 10.5 cm

-Girth of wrist: 28.5 cm

-Width of shoulders: 15 cm

-Length of arm: 21 cm

-Length from Hip to Foot: 39.5 cm

-Length of Foot: 8.5 cm


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