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Ringdoll orders confirmation announcement

To dear Ringdoll’s friends:


To ensure everyone will receive your favorite dolls on time and correctly.

Ringdoll office will start orders confirmation service from now on.


The services specific processes :


1.Anyone who make orders through Ringdoll office will receive a conformation e-mail .


Confirmation including:

①.Official confirmation has received your payment.

②.Official confirmation of the order content.

③.Official has confirmed that your order in according to sequence production.


2.If you make order through dealers,this official confirmation e-mail will send to the dealers in 7 days.

Confirmation letter content as above.(If you need specific confirmation letter information please directly consulting agency)


3.The content of the order will be pro - mail received confirmation prevail , the official no longer accept orders to modify .


Confirmation as a pro in the official orders only , valid certificate ,

proof of orders by you guys and your products is genuine and has a single row of production , in order to protect our customers’ interests. 


If confirmation is not received within 7 days after finishing the payment stuff,please feel free to contact member from the office.


Email box is


Working Hours : AM9 :30 Beijing - PM18: 30 ( except Saturdays and holidays )


Contact above deal only with matters related to confirmation , if any, after sales related matters , please inquire directly at the official customer service :


* the final right of explanation belong to all Ringdoll office.




                                                                  *Ringdoll Office