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About RingDoll

Ringdoll is a brand belonging to Yu Zuo Cultural Development Company.

It was founded in the beginning of 2009. From then on, in terms of dolls’ abundant style designand excellent quality,they were regarded as " Spirits between fingers", being deeply loved by fans and Collectorsat home and abroad.

Dolls of Ringdoll are made of environment-friendly resin which is perfectly harmless to human skin and respiratory system. Besides, clothes and accessories of Ringdoll are hand made by professional GK team so that they can be creative and lively enough. Owe to this, a perfect visual world is created for dolls.

In the Halloween of 2010,Ringdoll launched the Dark style Jessica---a Chainsaw girl, which got popular quickly. At the same time, it showed The Infamous of Ringdoll. After her success,The Infamous Series launched Orphanage Director---Norman, a bridegroom digging in sorrowful exile---Frankenstein, Zombie Sol, Welcome , Tears of Blackthorn and Jack the Ripper. These products combined traditional classic with modern Aesthetics,sense of dark and fearwith Gothic perfectly in a totally new way. Of course, strong visual shock left a magnificent and deep impression on people.

Now The Infamous has become a classical series belonging to Ringdoll, and it will keep launching new products which subvert tradition and challenge violence aesthetics.

We can divide Ringdoll into the following series due to the products it has launched: Army group; Archaistic; Gorgeous palace;Fashion;Sad fairy tale and so on. We all know that every doll has his own characteristics and background, thus Clothes of Ringdoll are not only exquisite, but also strive formatching dolls’personalities well. Without doubt, Ringdollis dedicated tosatisfy most customers’favour, while it alsotries different styles at the same time. It adds other elements besides keeping original gorgeous style in order to create unique features.



About doll size:


According to size,dolls are divided into the following categories currently at Ringdoll :

Ring Grown: the height is about 72 cm, youth doll

Ring Teenager: the height is about 59-64 cm, juvenile doll. (59cm for girls and 64 cm for boys), which is also known as 1/3 doll.

Ring Kid: the height is about 43-44 cm (43 cm for girls and 44 cm for boys),which is also known as 1/4doll.

Ring Sweet: the height is about 26cm,baby doll 

Ring Tiny: special edition, tiny and exquisite doll


About color skin:

Dolls are made from non-toxic,environmentally-friendly resin,which feels fine and with no smell in polishing.

According to skin color,there are the following categories at Ringdoll:

White - alabaster white

Normal - refreshingly color,close to real human skin color, the most popular one.

Tan- dark and healthy complexion, special skin color

Gray - special kind of skin in gray, used for limited edition dolls,such as Frankenstein.


About doll production:

We adopt purely-handmade production method--including prototype sculpt,model,polish,makeup and small accessories such as wigs, clothes, etc.,all from hand-made work of our professional staff.