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Untouchables Game PART Ⅱ



II. Full Moon


When full moon came, it was the time werewolves transformed. Werewolves after metamorphosis would lose human’s intellect, became a mad killer.

If he had been fed in advance, she would have chance to survive.

But the island had no food already.

No.13 was pressured above the gravel beach by Boyce.

Under the moonlight, she could only see full homicidal intent in his green eyes.

No. 13 was tightly repressed. She was not Boyce’s opponent physically, and the weapon she was proud of - iron maiden , had been thrown in the sea. Be killed, or be eaten. The worst case was being infected – what was worse than the first two possibilities to No.13.

She should have killed him, during the time when he was still human. Boyce was not her opponent at that time. But she was blinded by his human appearance. Or, on the silent and deserted island, if she killed the only "companion", No.13 believed she must will go mad.

Monster didn’t have intellect. That's what all people said! Why she was blinded by Boyce’s human appearance? No.13 was very remorseful. She actually thought Boyce may could be good human. But now this situation clearly illustrated that, monsters couldn’t be human.

The werewolf's breath was hot, two claws embedded in No. 13’s slender shoulders. No. 13 closed eyes tightly. A silver dagger was hidden in her boots, but she was suppressed by the werewolf, even didn’t have power to move.

Maybe this was the best result. She, who associated with a monster, fundamentally deserved such an ending. No. 13 was in the sense of abandonment.

Suddenly it began to rain. Dense and cold rain dropped on No. 13’s face.

Why he didn’t take action? No.13 thought that the time of waiting for death was too long, she finally opened her eyes.

The werewolf in rain looked a bit strange. The pale green eyes were staring at her. But this pair of eyes lost the homicidal intent, on the contrary it had some sad feeling.

No.13 felt a bit surprised, at the same time she felt the pressure on her shoulder reduced significantly. The next second, No.13 pulled out the silver dagger in boots and brandished to the werewolf. 


When she woke up, it was already daytime.

No. 13 felt hot and painful on her shoulders. Her lips were very chaffed.

Maybe she was going to die, or had been dead already? She tried to recall, just remembered that she had stabbed werewolves, but fainted because of the excessive loss of blood. In a coma, she began to dream. She dreamed of numerous monsters killed by her. There was a witch who raised three cats, she arrested her, finally saw she be sent to the stake. The process was very cruel, the witch who died distressingly stared at her in the end of her life. Her eyes were venomous.

"You! Incurable fool! I curse you lose faith and die a beggar!"  The witch struggled to curse. No.13 didn’t mind. Death of one deviationist and death of one hundred deviationists was the same to her.

But now, dreaming of this scene, No.13 suddenly opened her eyes. There was cold sweat on her head.

"How are you?"

The man's voice was familiar.

No. 13 struggled to sit up and stared at him. He turned back into a human again. His eyes were full of guilt. But killing was monster’s nature, why he didn't kill her? If the first time was because he suddenly changed back into a human, but what about the second time? Under the sate of werewolf, it was impossible to keep human intellect.

No. 13’s throat burned hot, she could not say a word. Boyce slowly opened mouth.

“Last night, I'm sorry. Every time I encounter a full moon, I can’t control myself."

"......But, why you didn't kill me?" No.13 finally opened mouth, her voice got hoarse.

"Because, Lilian." Boyce said.

Boyce gradually told his story. 

He was not born a werewolf. He was a wealthy man before, and had a beautiful wife. His wife's name was Lilian.

He thought he would live happily forever with Lilian, but fate suddenly push him into hell.

On a full moon night, he was attacked by a horrible werewolf in  carriage. All people in the carriage died, although he survived luckily, he experienced one week-long coma.

After a week, the fever went down, he thought that God was blessing him. He and his wife prayed together to the God, they thought from then on they could go out from the unexpected misfortune and live happily again.

But the misfortune, once started, would follow people forever. God didn’t bless Boyce, only giving him more pain and suffering.

It was the first full moon after being bitten, Boyce felt pain, like the whole body being breaking. He couldn’t control his mind, and be caught in extreme rage.

That was the first time Boyce became a werewolf. He was infected. When he recovered, he found that he had killed his wife, Lilian.

At that time, Lilian was pregnant already.

 No. 13 listened silently. She didn't quite understand the traditional code of conduct. She didn't quite understand the ways of the world.

In Seikyo, although she belonged to cardinal, generally she only contacted with superior through Grandma. She and other Inquisitors, just knew each other, but seldom talk. She didn’t know there were so many sad stories in the world. She didn’t know, monsters, unexpectedly also had strong human emotions. 

"After that, I left home, every full moon night, I would hide in mountains, I couldn’t stand myself be in that appearance."

There was pain on Boyce’s face. "I have tried to suicide, but I couldn’t die. I can't destroy my body because of werewolf’s self-healing ability. Last month, I finally returned to Botya, this is where Lilian and I used to live. Ten years have passed, I want to have a look of her grave again." 

No.13 looked at sad Boyce. Lilian may be the person he loved the most. She did not know what was the feeling of love. She only knew that she was born to be dedicated to God. Why did he name her Lilian? Why didn't he kill her? No.13 couldn’t understand, but her heart somehow had unknown throb.

She should not have any emotions on the monster, No. 13 was very clear on this matter. They were absolutely enemies.

But Boyce said: "When I saw you, I found that you were very similar to Lilian. Not was the appearance, but were eyes. You both have a pair of very pure eyes. Thanks to the rain last night made me awake, that moment in the moonlight, I came back. Lilian, your eyes were so beautiful, I couldn’t make the same mistake again."

In an instant, No.13’s heart felt like being thumped. She was all dizzy. Not because of the heavy injury, not because of the high fever. She looked at Boyce’s light green eyes, her breath came fast as well.

"But, you should kill me. You knew, I would kill you on my own sooner or later." No.13 struggled to spoke these words. She did not know why her mood became as so, only felt that she was sinking into the deep sea, air in chest and lung had run out. She was doing the last struggle, but she still was unable to float on the sea.

"Die because of you, it’s must what I have been longing for." Boyce smiled. His teeth were very white, his smile was very clean and nice, " When I first met you, I believed that you were the people who came to save my soul."

"Monster doesn’t have soul." No.13 knew she was struggling fruitlessly. If monsters didn’t have soul, then why he had so sad eyes and strong emotions? It was the first time No.13 thought that perhaps it was people who were in the church didn’t have souls. Before she met Boyce, her heart had no emotions at all.

But if monsters had souls, what was the faith she had from birth to now? In a moment, No.13 felt very weak.

"Maybe." Boyce smiled, he seemed to have discovered No.13’s weakness and sway, he held her thin hands, "Lilian, now I feel peaceful. Since my wife died, I had never felt so peaceful. Would you like to save me?"

"Don't call me Lilian. I'm not the substitute of your wife." No. 13 didn't  take back hands. The monster’s hand was so warm, "I am No.13, although this was not my name,  I am No. 13."

Boyce looked at No. 13’s obstinate eyes, and held her in arms.


"Do you know? If we come together, we will kill each other." No. 13 said in a low voice.

"If things really get out of hand, I would die for you." Boyce whispered.

The last defense of No.13’s heart was completely routed, she sighed and held Boyce's back.

This is an untouchables game. No.13 deeply knew that she would be found by Grandma at last, and pushed into hell.




Set up:

Name: Boyce

Age: 31

Identity: a werewolf


Boyce was not born a werewolf. He was a wealthy man. In his 21 years old, on a full moon night, he was attacked by a werewolf on the way to the city, which made him be infected.

He would lose most intellect when he became a werewolf, so in the first time he killed his pregnant wife Lilian. From then on, he was in deep self-accusation and pain.

Boyce had strong self-healing ability, ordinary weapon couldn't kill him. Only silver weapons could harm him, its effects were more than the flame burning.