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Body in pictures: RGMbody-02.

Both fullset and Basic doll  can have RGMbody-01/02/03/04 for option.

The lead time for fullset on RGMbody-03/04 is one month longer than on RGMbody-01/02,please note that.


Warren is Halloween edition from The series of Infamy. 
RingDoll Grwon Warren with double jointed body: RGMbody-02.
Remarks: Resin color in the picture is normal skin.
The full-set($769)include : head(with face-up) + body + eyes[Re-14]+ wigs[Rwigs60-26]+ clothes [RC70-34] + shoes[Rshoes70-1]+Accessories package B. 
The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.
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Misty Midnight—-The story of Jack the Ripper
The second……
Warren knitted his brows, gazing at the woman who died miserable.
The dead was a prostitutes, Mary Ann Nichols, 43 years old. She was found in Bucks Row near Whitechapel. Her abdomen was incised, the gut was dragged out and her private part was assaulted severely.
Because of her mutilated dead body, many p.olices at Scotland Yard vomited on the scene.
Warren didn't vomit. He only examined the corpse, frowning. It was nearly the same as Martha Tabram's body, which was found in the east zone of Whitechapel on August 7th. The places were both near Whitechapel, and the dead were both prostitutes, seeming very likely done by serial killer. Anyway, if so, then it's just the beginning.
Warren suggested his idea to the authorities, however, the authorities didn't announce this assumption——in order not to cause unnecessary panic in the society. But the media, still named the two cases as "the Whitechapel murders". The authorities dispatched more plainclothesmen under great pressure from the public, so that people believed no such cases would happen again.
Doll Measurements:
-Total Height (include Head) : 72 cm
-Girth of head: 21 cm
-Girth of Neck: 10.5 cm
-Girth of Chest: 30 cm
-Girth of waist: 22 cm
-Girth of hips: 28.5 cm
-Width of shoulders: 15 cm
-Length of arm: 21 cm
-Length from Hip to Foot: 41 cm
-Length of Foot: 9 cm
Warren's story---->Misty Midnight

Fan art of Warren:
More fan art please visit:http://www.ringdoll.com/fan.php?id=18

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