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Body in pictures: RGMbody-02.

Both fullset and Basic doll  can have RGMbody-01/02/03/04 for option.

The lead time for fullset on RGMbody-03/04 is one month longer than on RGMbody-01/02,please note that.

 Resin color in the picture is Normal skin .



Full-set is unavailable. If you need the accessories, please order separatly.
The accessories in the picture include : headdress[Rot68], eyes[Re-35],Clothes[Rc70-30], Shoes[Rshoes70-8].
Full-set is unavailable. If you need the accessories, please order separatly.
Eyes shipped with the basic doll were changed to acrylic eyes on Dec 1st, 2014. There are several colors for acrylic eyes and one of them will be shipped radomly. 
 It takes 120-180 business days for production before shipment,the cloth and the accessoires is complicated, the time will be longer, please understand.
The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.

RD launched a confirmation service , anyone who pick up RD dolls will receive a confirmation mail in one week. Specific ▶click here◀ 



 Fan arts:


Julia and Qinzhe from Juanzi in China ↓

Qinzhe from lost princess in China ↓

More fan arts of Ringdoll:  http://www.ringdoll.com/fan.php?id=18
























Doll Measurements:

  -Total Height (include Head) : 72 cm

  -Girth of head: 22 cm

  -Girth of Neck: 10.5 cm

  -Girth of Chest: 30 cm

  -Girth of waist: 22 cm

  -Girth of hips: 28.5 cm

  -Width of shoulders: 15 cm

  -Length of arm: 21.5 cm

  -Length from Hip to Foot: 41 cm

  -Length of Foot: 9 cm



























 If you think that visual effect of the video is a bit vague,please click 'setting'on the right below which can make it improved. 




A Tale of South City

-----------------------------------------Qinzhe Part ---------------------------------------------

                                   Qinzhe was not so happy as he imagined when Meng He fell down in front of him.

  That man were falling down, staring at him with mixed expression in his eyes which Qinzhe would never forget until he died. He Meng and his family destroyed Qinzhe's happiness that he once enjoyed.

  Qinzhe would never forget that flames-raging night 10 years ago. He Meng, his childhood friend, invited him to the tower only to let him witness his parents, his brothers and his sisters burned to death.

  After that night, Zhe family became totally declined. Qinzhe was the only one alive.

  He swore that he would seek revenge. But what he could do since he was alone without any power? Qinzhe, with hatred burning in his heart. was totally changed into a different person. He never smiled anymore and left his hometown....



Click to read more story of Qinzhe----A Tale of South City


Please carefully read the following terms and after you order, it will be considered that 

you have read and accepted these terms.


How to order ?

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/order.php

About shipping cost and shipping method:

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=155

About Shipping Insurance:

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=144

About tariffs:

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=145

How to order by Layaway?

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=146

Pre-purchase information:

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=147

What situation is not a quality problem? 

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=148

How to care for your dolls? 

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=149




















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