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How to makeup for your doll

Step 1

Firstly introduce the tools and materials: sealer spray(Mr.Super Clear), retarder, color plate, acrylic paint,

magic eraser (cut into small pieces), gloss, deduster ,anti-virus mask(or respirator), pastels,

brushes in different size, face pen, dropper.

Step 2
Use sealer spray.

Be sure to wear a respirator or mask. 1-2 minutes’ shaking is needed for the spray that newly unpacked or leave unused for a long time,while 20-second shaking for frequently-used one.Spray it with the distance of 20-30 centimeters from the doll head,and spray evenly in Z-shape .please ensure that each corner is sprayed including eye socket and lips gap.

Step 3

Wait till the spray become dry.

During drying process it can be hooded by a transparent box for dust-off.

In addition,you should check if there is any dust on the doll face before spray every time.

It becomes dry after about 10 minutes in dry regions while more time it takes in humid regions.

Step 4

Wear the background.

Firstly use a knife to scrape pastels into powder,then brush.The principle for brushing is to start with a light-colored powder.

Since the skin color of the head provided is normal skin which is quite natural,it is ok to brush a layer of light pink.

Next brush the eye shadow,lips and eye brows with light brown,no need of deep brush but must be symmetrical.

Then brush the eye socket and tear gland.

In brushing,the extra pastel can be removed by deduster and wrong brush can be erased with magic eraser.

Step 5

If the background sprayed relatively thick, it can be slightly deepened with dark pastel.

Or spray again before deepen.Please pay more attention to its smudge and gradual change.

As for eyes,the closer to socket,the deeper it should be-here we used light brown-dark brown-black for transition.Lips can also be added a little red.

Step 6

Continue to brush deeper after spray again.

It still starts from the light one.

It is ok to roughly paint as shown in the picture even though a bit lighter which can be modified again by pastel when lines are finished.

At last use the thinnest face pen to brush a little bit dark brown in the gap between lips.

Step 7

Keep spraying and then draw the lines with acrylic paint.

Make sure that you have sprayed three layers in case of color penetration.

What used here is AMIYA Color Acrylic Paint and AMIYA retarder.The ratio of them can be 1:1.5.

The lines can not be thin enough if with too much retarder ,while the drawing can not be smoothly and fluently if too less.

Step 8

Use face pen to paint eye lines and lashes.

The ending trend of eye line has to be done with combining doll facial characteristics and the shape of eye socket orbit.

As shown in the picture,his eyes socket is flat and the lower orbit is rather bigger,so the ending should be made a bit higher.

And the lower lash can be lighter fist and then deepen it later.

Step 9

Next,paint double eyelid line and mouth as well as trim lashes.

The roots and thinner parts of eyelashes can be properly deepened.

But please be extremely careful not to draw it wrong.

Varying lengths seem more natural.

In addition,the closer to the nose bridge, the shorter the lashes and the lighter its color should be.

Step 10

Then goes to eyebrow.

As we already have painted a good background,there will not be too much deviation in terms of symmetry.

But the details still need more attention.Eyebrows is the hardest part and only practice can make it perfect.

Step 11

Lines are basically completed, then brush powder.

Please note that the closer to the end of eye brow,the dark it is .

The eye shadow and lips can also be deepened and smudged properly.

Then use white acrylic to paint the lips lines and some white lines on the eyelid to increase sense of hierarchy.

Use sealer spray to set make-up if with no problem.

Step 12

As for gloss ,we recommend AMIYA gloss for lips coating because it is with less odor and impossible to get the lip paste

as well as easy to remove make-up.

But to stick eyelash,we suggest Mr.Color gloss with strong stickiness and firmness which many people paint it to make eyes brighter.

Generally the location for painting is that between eye line and double eyelid.

The root of lower eyelash can also be painted as thin as possible.At last the whole makeup is completed.


The doll head in photo is our Chai’s head(RTB10):

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