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What situation is not quality problem?

Since our dolls are purely handmade - including prototype sculpt, molding, coloring, polishing, makeup, etc. - 100% flawlessness is not guaranteed.
The following situation may happen,which is irresistible and inevitable and considered as normal phenomenon :
1.Sense of slightly facial asymmetry
Since the prototype is hand-carved sculpture and molded afterwards,a hundred percent absolutely symmetry can not be guaranteed. We guarantee that the dolls at your hand are consistent with our prototype.
2.Sense of subtle make-up asymmetry
Similarly as above, doll make-up is done by handy work of our artists instead of machine operation.
3.Slightly color difference of makeup or skin color with official pictures
Official pictures have certain tendency on color due to the surroundings and light when shooting, in addition to individual difference of monitor imaging, which make them slightly differ from that of real dolls. 
We guarantee that Ringdoll’s dolls are drawn according to the only original prototype sculpt used for shooting.
In addition, each artist has his or her own make-up style which may explain.
4.Chromatic aberration happens to same dolls from different batches or purchase time 
It is a normal phenomenon due to coloring by hand.
5. Whiten phenomenon may occurs to dolls in tan skin/special skin during polishing or make-up removal.
For such dolls,there are higher demands and more difficulty in coloring and the polished sites may be whiter, which is normal and irresistible.
Do not soak tan-skinned dolls in thinner for make-up removal,nor wipe them with different kinds of thinner,which may cause resin corrosion and surface whitening .Such situation cause by inappropriate treatment is not responsible by Ringdoll.
Doll itself is consumable and it changes on appearance and color as time goes by , we are trying our best to solve the problem for you after market.