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The Conspiracy of Snake Eye

 The Conspiracy of Snake Eye

Chapter 1

The sun has already set, the last of the sunlight diffused on the ruins, the red clouds in the sky stretched like fire to the whole sky.
The smell of gunpowder and dust particles still float in the air. Not far away, a blond man is stepping on this area where the war has just ended. The red light shines on his cold face, gives a feeling of false warmth.
"Lord Raymond, I heard that Dracula left us with a lot of good things." His tone is full of expectations.
"Victory, you are too slow! But this is definitely a big gift, a surprise!" Archduke Bell can not inhibit the joy, and his eyes are full of fanaticism.
"Come with me." He could not wait to go ahead and lead the way through a run-down house and a few alleys, stopping in front of a very ordinary temporary factory.
They stepped forward and pushed the door open, Victory was shocked by everything in front of him.
The ether refining facilities that have never been seen are covered with the entire factory, because the people in the previous factory were walking too fast, some of the equipment was stacked with ether extracts stored in special containers. Faced with the numerous instruments and containers, Victory, came from technical, immediately realized what these facilities represented - this is a temporary ether refinery factory. There is no doubt that these things belong to Dracula’s property, it is proved by the branded military logo on the facility and the confessions of the captured technicians. But what shocked Victory was that it was a technology he had never seen before.Since the federal era, the state has never stopped researching and developing ether substances since they were discovered. Even so, after years of development, even if the technology of the imperium has reached an unprecedented height, scholars still know very little about the ether, not to mention the high-pressure constraints and purification of the etheric field, which has surpassed Victory's imagination.

Victory approached the corner and looked at the ether energy trapped in an unknown device. His eyes were bright, and now he could barely keep calm, and the excitement made him tremble slightly.
After checking around the facilities, Victory and Archduke Bell Raymond were sitting down.
"This is just one of them. According to our investigation, there are probably several ether refineries around, and Dracula is miscalculated this time." Raymond raised a mocking smile and raised a glass of wine to Victory. Raymond raised his glass to Victory with a slightly sardonic smile.
Victory put down the glass, "Since he left us such a big gift, I certainly have to make good use of it. Reverse engineering can begin immediately. Preliminary assessment may take up to half a year, during this period, Archduke helped me to settle the Senatus.
"Half-year?" Raymond also put down the glass in his hand, a little unpleasant.
"I said, did you know that Dracula took the Emperor away? Speed is precious in war, I think you should... "
Victory interrupted Raymond. "I know what you want to say, but you've never been in touch with technology. It's imperative to upgrade manufacturing facilities right now. It takes time."
As the president of Odin Heavy Industries, and also the development director of the Imperium Jett Design Bureau, Victory's words are very credible, and Raymond also had to agree with Victory's statement and feel anxious at the same time.
"Yes, you really know the technology better than me, but you also know the truth. At present, my armed ability is limited. The victory of this war was entirely because I gave a fatal blow from behind, and Dracula had already withdrawn from the capital. If there was another large-scale war with him, I was afraid I might not be able to cope with it."
" Your Excellency, don't worry, after all, we are all in the same boat. and Dracula can't be underestimated. I used to say that the preliminary assessment may take up to half a year, and I haven't finished what I have to say."

"If your trans-department Affairs Agency can lend to me, as long as we can deploy the power of the nobility, you can rest assured that the Ether Act will be further implemented and the duration of the project."
Victory looked straight at Raymond, and a meaningful smile spread over his face.
Raymond was stunned, but soon looked at Victory with grimly smiling.
“Victory, have you been in the Senatus for five years as minister? I've heard you're such a person, I didn't expect you to be bold and dare to talk to me about conditions?!"
Victory looked straight at Raymond with a confident smile and said nothing, at the same time, Raymond relaxed his expression.
"Yes! I like ambitious men. Although you are an illegitimate child, I have no reason to give you this right, as long as you can bring me victory, these are not a problem."
Victory stood up, and saluted Raymond, "as you wish."

Chapter 2

Oedipus, the main city of the Southern Strategy of the Ring Imperium.
"Marshal, we got news from the informant. The Overseer Office has discovered the etheric refining facilities that hid before, and occupied them all. They built large factories on the spot, with the participation of the Workers of Odin Heavy Industries. After preliminary judgment, they are using the Marshal's facilities for new research and development, which may pose a major threat to us.” The subordinates looked at the man standing by the window and reported the important information verbatim.
"I never thought that they would dare to start first." Dracula turned around. "This is also my mistake. At that time, I didn't stern punishment the Senatus in public... Is there any information intercepted about the research and development content of Odin Heavy Industries?
"At present, there is no news, but the Ministry of Public Security is preparing to set up a new large army group, which may be related to Ether Energy."
The room was silent, Dracula pressed his temples tiredly, and the feelings of those who had been carefully trained to betray themselves were really depressed.
The group of stupid and hypocritical people just steals my results and can't make any new things. But the threat of neighboring countries is so urgent, and I am faced with the possibility of playing a civil war that is unnecessary."
Dracula looked at the overcast sky outside the window, and it would probably not be sunny this day.
Dracula looked at the cloudy sky outside the window, which was probably not going to be sunny.