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Return of the Envoy--Fake Rabbit

 Return of the Envoy

The magical Kingdom of Wonderland was still calm, and everyone's smile looked beautiful and hypocritical, just like the man sitting on the throne. His white armor was cold enough to freeze people to death, but the expression on his face was so kind and merciful. The people shouted one after another, may the White King bless the kingdom of Wonderland with the blessing and grace of God forever.

The White King on the cold throne suddenly opened his eyes, a little absentminded, did I dream again about the day I reached the top of wonderland…In the past, the White King could only look up to the Red King and follow him like those ignorant masses. Now he finally reached the top of Wonderland...But...The White King held the scepter in his hand tightly, Alice, the always uncontrollable factor...

A shrill voice suddenly broke the silence as the guard announced, "Mr. White Rabbit is back and requests an interview from the White King. ”

"He comes back. "The White King was surprised. He admitted that he had vented his anger at Alice99's disappearance by deliberately sending the young man Mr. White Rabbit to the darkest and most dangerous part of the wonderland.

It was a place where all sorts of scary things moved around, and where all the evil souls of resentment and jealousy from the whole Wonderland were gathered. Legends abounded about the place, but one thing was clear, once you get inside, the chances of survival were almost zero. So from the very beginning, he had no intention of bringing back Mr. White Rabbit.

"Let him in." The White King's calm voice hid a hint of curiosity.

Just then, footsteps came. As Mr. White Rabbit entered, the White King paused for a moment, a little unable to recognize the man standing in front of him.


Mr. White Rabbit was covered in black and red stains, his black cloak was very shabby, and his feet were in heavy shackles. He looked very down and out. Only his eyes were slightly the same as before, but something seemed to be different.


"Why is our Mr. White Rabbit in such a mess?" He comes back in a different outfit. Does he want to be a clown? The White King thought. Seeing that he was safe, the anger of the White King resurfaced again. His seemingly light words were full of sarcasm.

"Dear White King, I am no longer the envoy White Rabbit, but your exclusive White Rabbit. ”

"Huh?" The White King frowned. He knew better than anyone that the White Rabbit envoy wouldn't have listened to him at all if not for the menaces of the white chains. Moreover, there was also the rebellion to save Alice, so the White Rabbit envoy certainly didn't like the title of "White Rabbit," but he just said something like that.

"Dear White King, I found no trace of the ninety-ninth Alice in the dark place this time, and she must have fled somewhere else. I am terribly sorry that I have failed to live up to your expectations. But I'll make up for it by obeying your orders until I find you the ninety-ninth Alice." Then he looked straight at the White King with sincere eyes.

"...Now that you're remorseful, I'll let it go this time. I hope you don't forget your promise." These were clearly kind words, but very chilling. The White King said this because, despite his doubts, he thought the White Rabbit may have learned enough from what happened in the dark place. In addition, The White King needed him to find the ninety-ninth Alice. Actually, he is nothing but a pawn.

 "Well, respectable White King, I will set out tomorrow to continue my search for Alice." The White Rabbit envoy, no, he should be called the White Rabbit, bowed down and walked out of the palace.

As he passed the most beautiful garden in the Kingdom of Wonderland, he suddenly crouched down and began to talk to himself.

"I saw these flowers before when I was here. How beautiful they are!" 

"It doesn't matter. I've seen it, too."

"By the way, you were just so calm just now and you were so cool ."

 "... " The White Rabbit smiled sheepishly, raising the corners of his mouth.

"Hush, don't be so loud. What if someone hears you? Why don't you go home first?" 

The White Rabbit stood up and hurried outside with a tuft of flowers in his hand.


The Dark Place

How many days have passed? The scarred White Rabbit envoy kept running in the borderless darkness, completely lost. His wound was numb, but what he couldn't bear was the exhaustion in his heart. There was no light here.



He had no energy left to hate the White King. If it weren't for the hypocrite, he wouldn't be shackled and would be free to move through every space. He didn't have to cheat those Alices against his will, and he could probably still be friends with them; He didn't have to go into this place where he could die at any moment. Maybe he was sunning himself on the grass.

He was really tired.

Just as he was crossing a swamp, he was attacked by the demon again. He ran away as fast as he could. Although he ran far away from the demon, he eventually collapsed for lack of physical strength.


Well, am I dying? As he was thinking, five transparent figures emerged in a glimmer of light before his eyes. He abruptly came to himself, "Alice? "

He asked the five Alices before him. They were souls of five of the Alices seduced by him to the White King Palace and killed by the White King.

"Are you here to take my life?" The White Rabbit exclaimed in a wry smile, "I am a liar, a sinner. I am so sorry I betrayed you. Alice, sorry, sorry...please kill me." He closed his eyes in tears.

 "Mr. White Rabbit, you took me wrong." Said one of the Alices," we did not blame you on this, because we know the White King threatened you to do this. We have been trapped in the Dark Place for so long that the souls of other Alices eroded and vanished. We are the only left souls following your trace."

 "Exactly. It is quite boring to stay here because our companions is getting less and less. So wonderful to see you!" said another Alice through her beaming big eyes." Oh, right, forget to introduce myself. I am Alice07."

  "How could you end up here? It is not a nice place. I am Alice90." Another Alice asked with concern, but in a cold voice.

"Alice07? Alice90? " The White Rabbit seemed perplexed at their words, but their familiar and vivid faces made him more guilty. They were happy girls with a bright future, but he ruined their life. Even their souls could not rest in peace and had to be trapped in the Dark Place.

Hands tainted with blood, he knew he need redemption and should get rid of the White King's control to stop any more Alice from the miserable plight! So he made a decision!

 "I come here out of the White King's order. He wants me to be killed. He keeps looking for new Alice, but I do not want to help him anymore. I cannot take it any longer, so I want to ask you if you are seeking revenge on the White King. Do you want to leave this place? I know you are familiar with here."

 "Yes, but we are just souls and we will vanish under the sun." One Alice answered timidly.


After a beat, Mr. White Rabbit said slowly but in a firm voice, "I am willing to sacrifice my own soul and get locked up in this infinite hell so that you can use my body as a container for your souls to stop the White King's conspiracy. If you disapprove, I will jump into the marsh anyway to cleanse my sins."

 Alices could not reject such a proposal because they wanted to leave the Dark Place and stopped the cruelty of the White King. So they took the hands of one another and nodded.

 "OK." The White Rabbit beamed with delight, "if you meet the Alice99, please apologize for me." Then he put his hands before the chest and uttered the spell of sacrifice. Five Alices closed their eyes. All of them were enveloped in shining light.



When the light faded, the White Rabbit lying on the ground opened his eyes. Now, his body contained not his soul anymore, but the consciousness of five Alices instead.

 "The White Rabbit" looked down on his hands and smiled. He bounced forward and turned joyfully.

"I am so happy that I am able to touch the vines and flowers here! It feels so good!" exclaimed Alice07.

"But are we really going back to that horrible place? In such a body?" Alice13 asked haltingly.

"Do we have any other choice? We are not coward." Alice90 riposted coldly."

Though we are facing the unknown, we must keep going. Otherwise, we will betray Mr. White Rabbit's trust." Alice32 said in a soft voice."

You must remember how our life turn from brightness to darkness. Now we are heading for the Kingdom of Wonderland as the White Rabbit. So we must not get exposed. When seeing the White King, you must follow my lead, OK? Otherwise our revenge plan would fail." Alice81 enjoined.

"We are undercover Alices."

The body of "the White Rabbit" embarked on his journey in the charge of five souls. The revenge plan of Alices just began.