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The Ring Imperium--Ashford

The Marshal of the Ring Imperium, Dracula, led the troops to the southern Longya and came back after bargainingļ¼Œand waited for the emperor's summons in the second palace of the Royal city, instead of the emperor's summons, he waited for the Praetorian Guard, these Praetorian Guard are armed. Although the emperor was still young, he was already dissatisfied with Dracula’s tyranny, Dracula had a high position and could not be easily removed. The emperor had to discuss it with the Senatus secretly, but Dracula suddenly returned to Royal city. After learning of this, the emperor was very panic, in desperation, the aristocrats of the Senatus immediately decided to take advantage of this opportunity to control Dracula, so that he would not join his men after returning to the imperial capital. Through the autographed secret letter of the emperor, the Senatus mobilized the praetorian guards of the Roes of the Swan, who were on standby in the Emperor's capital, and surrounded the second central palace of Dracula.

Dracula walked out of the terrace slowly, they were reading his guilt outside. The voice was so impassioned that it seemed that they could not wait to kill him on the spot.
Dracula sneered and cleared his throat, "Enough. Don't read any more. I can't afford the crimes you've listed. The farce will stop here. I have to meet emperor, I believe that emperor should be able to give me a reasonable explanation."
"Shut up! Dracula!" A nobleman of the Senatus shouted, "You will not have the opportunity to meet emperor! Don't think about delaying the time anymore! The military officers have been disbanded outside the Royal city. If you want to live, just give up resistance.” Then he made a gesture, and the praetorian guards rushed up and broke into the door.

The expected picture did not happen. The moment when the praetorian guards broke into the door, they were intercepted by a powerful fire. The report only mentioned that Dracula disbanded the military officer and only took three female assistants, but what the aristocracy did not expect was that the three assistants turned out to be three female Valkyrie in disguise in Dracula’s private armed group. The Valkyries were so powerful that they quickly resist the attack of the praetorian guards. The aristocrats were greatly shocked and sharp reprimand Dracula for bringing the Valkyries, however, Dracula was unmoved.

Because of the Valkyries, the praetorian guards could not break through, the two sides were deadlocked, the aristocrats who had recovered from the shock once again shouted to the palace, "Marshal Dracula, you think that you can escape in the palace? We all know the power of Valkyries, but the Valkyries are not as powerful as the ether cannon. Since the marshal is goting to resist the end, we can only blow up the palace together! ”Dracula frowned and took a yellow object from behind. "Since the Senatus wants to do things like that, I have no choice. " He raised the yellow object in his hand, “this is a new type of energy that I brought back from the Longya. It was originally brought to the majesty, but the Senatus is so pressing that I can't do it. I can only detonate this object and die with you! " The people present were dumbfounded, and the praetorian guards dare not venture to attack by force. They had to retreat to the front of the palace.

The two sides have been deadlocked for three days. The aristocrats of the Senatus are on tenterhooks, if the military officers under Dracula found that something was wrong and then rushed into the Royal city, the situation will be very unfavorable to the Senatus. In a hurry, the aristocrats decided to gamble, they estimated the extent of the explosion and decided to use the ether cannon to destroy the palace from a distance. Dracula stood on the terrace and looked down, the praetorian guards were emptied around the palace. His mood became more and more anxious. "Damn, it was calculated by the group of villains in the Senatus! It has been three days! Where the hell is that Ashford fellow?" Although the aristocrats outside is just like a clown for Dracula and has no threat, things have developed to this point, if doing the things himself, it will definitely reveal their identity, Dracula is getting more and more annoyed, and the railings in his hands were crushed in anger.

The artillery outside the palace is in place, and the Senatus immediately ordered to fire in the direction of the palace. Just before the fire, a person suddenly rushed to the front of the line with a token and shouted, "Stop it right now!" After seeing the people in front of them, the praetorian guards knelt and saluted, "See, Baron Ashford!" Ashford crossed the praetorian guard and went straight to the aristocrats. One of the leading nobles shouted, "Ashford, aren’t you parading at the border ? Why are you here?" "Ashford didn't answer, but quickly walked to the person and whispered a few words to him, only to see that the noble, who had just been in high spirits, was so bloody as if he had received a huge shock and could not speak at all. Ashford ignored him and he straightened up and said, "Attention, praetorian guards! Now withdraw your residence immediately! After a few days here, everyone in the Senatus was probably tired. Going back and rest." Then he walked toward the second palace of Dracula.

With the arrival of Ashford, the incident has subsided, and both sides were not damaged. The Emperor and the Senatus only gave such an explanation, because of the rumors, which made the event a big oolong. Because of the event, the situation between the aristocrats of the Senatus and the military headed by Dracula became more tense.

The day before Dracula was besieged, two people lay on the ground in a dilapidated temple, they looked as if they were out of breath. The man in black next to them was wiping the blood on his hands. "The Rose of Swan again. Everyone said that, but what does it really mean?" The man was thinking. Suddenly, he raised his head and drew his sword from the ground, pointing to a place behind him. "Who is it! Get out!" A teenager in blue came out of the shadows, it seems that he was greatly scared.

"It's me! Baron Ashford! Don't, don't do it."
"Oh, it's Massenger, you can find this place! Turn around! What's the matter?" Ashford put the sword back into the ground.

The boy quickly turned around. " Marshal Dracula has returned to the Royal city for more than a day. Minister Davidson asked me to give the letter to the Ashford Baron." The boy handed the letter with trembling. Ashford opened the seal and took out the letter. His face gradually changed. He closed the letter in silence. "I konw, how many people have you come from Messenger?"

“We have three people, the Baron. ”
"Hurry up. Someone may be looking for you on the way. Protect your mail and yourself."
“Ok, I got it! I will inform my partner immediately. " The Messenger quickly left the scene with an incredible speed.
Ashford cleared up the scene for a moment and sighed, "These idiots came up with such an idea . It seems that it is too late to go back in the usual way." In an instant, two large wings were stretched out from behind him. He jumped up , broke the roof of the temple and disappeared in the rain.