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The dream of Sigrdrifa

 Waking up slowly from her sleep, there was a sharp pain in her eyebrows and made her stand up.

The fighting continued outside, and from time to time there is a violent explosion that causes the fortress to shake.

"Is that dream again?" There was a sound from a chair near the window, and it was clear that she was startled, but she was relieved in an instant.

She looked to the window, "Marshal, you're still here."

The man who was hidden in the darkness calmly looked at the smoke rising from the surrounding buildings, and he slowly stood up.

She hurriedly got up from the bed, fixed her messy hair, put on her military cap, bowed her head in a respectful manner and became silent.

He slowly walked out of the shadow, "I have said many times, you are still so serious,this time you're exhausted again. He sighed with profound resignation.

He walked up to her, she still didn't say anything, but her head sank down.

He raised his hand and cupped her chin, and looked at each other, she noticed a slightly unhappy gaze watching her.

I promise you, I will never renege on it. Now it's time to start with this country. ”For this, she was a little overwhelmed and looked away.

Then she gently removed his hand. "Raymond is still yelling outside, Marshal, please focus on your work." There was another shake outside, and dust was falling from the ceiling.

She stood up straight, patted the dust on her shoulders, and then lowered her head again with humility.

He sighed and turned his back.  "Where is Bruun?" "She is in contact with Spencer's men, and Skuld is on standby in the ruins of Elsweyr."

Dracula was silent for a while and suddenly reached his finger to the southeast.

"There is no need to stay, go back to the south, the capital city is left to the villains of the Senatus, Colonel Sigrdrifa, you take me out ."


The fierce street fighting is at a stalemate, on the top of the fortress of the second operational headquarters of the capital city, a beam of light rose into the sky. Gradually, the column of light began to separate and became a light wing.

In the next moment, the huge light wing glides forward with an unstoppable momentum, the place where the light wings passed has become a broken wall, and the light wing finally disappeared on the horizon.

When the battle was over, no one could stop the thing from advancing. All the soldiers under the arm of the overseer felt horrible and even forgotten to clear the battlefield.

In the distance, Archduke Bell, who was watching everything happening, began to laugh, "As Minister Davidson said, he was a monster! Who would have thought of such a thing! "

Suddenly, he stopped laughing and waved his hand to the subordinates: "Notify Minister Victory that the Marshal has left something for us to receive. Our troops also prepared for it and set off immediately.