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The Ring Imperium Scarlett Faust and Cyanopathy Faust

The Ring Imperium

 Cyanopathy Faust




Nickname: baby-face

Age: 17 years old

Height: 165cm

Character : Easy-going, Serious, Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Mantra: "I don’t think this is very rigorous." The most important thing: His sister-Scarlet.Faust The most concerned thing: There is a wrong word in the strategic document



Cyanopathy Faust was the orphan of the former Faust family of the Swan dynasty.

The Faust family became the victim in the political struggle of the former dynasty and were slaughtered.

Cyanopathy Faust and Scarlet Faust became the survivors of the family, adopted and educated by S.

Because of his perception talents, Cyanopathy Faust and his sister graduated from the military academy with extremely excellent results and became the right-hand of S.

In a fierce surrounding and annihilating warfare between the joint fleet headed by S and the federal, in order to cover S, Cyanopathy was torn half a body by shrapnel and fell into the sea...








Scarlet Faust


Nickname: Princess Scarlett

Age: 16 years old

Height: 157cm

Character: Rigorous, Tsundere, Cleanliness

The mantra: "Don't call me little Scarlett!"

The most important thing: S's pipe

The most concerned about things: whether the military capacity of S is neat, whether the tie is straight, whether the buttons are buckled or not.





Like his older brother, Scarlett was the orphan of the former Faust family of the Swan dynasty.

In the political struggle of the former dynasty, Scarlett lost his family and was adopted by S together with his older brother.

The talented Scarlett who graduated from military academy with excellent results, became the right-hand man of S.

In a fierce surrounding and annihilating warfare between the joint fleet headed by S and the federal, she was involved in the explosion and lost her arm, but she escaped from the war zone with an escape submarine and disappeared.



First Part


Officer ! Your tie is crooked again!” Scarlett's speaking speed was both loud and urgent, her clear eyes stared at S carefully and frown.

“Little Scarlett, nobody cares. "S, who had spent the whole night at the strategic meeting, rubbed his temple and said.

"Officer! I say it once again! The man with an untidy military uniform will not have a girlfriend!" Scarlett said with a straight face. "And! Don't call me little Scarlett!"

“……”S looked at Scarlett’s young, earnest face, and though, “I shouldn’t pick her back in a weak moment fifteen years ago .If I had sent her directly to the welfare home at that time,I doesn't need to care about those things right now.”

S was whispering in his heart. Cyanopathy, who had been silent, suddenly hold a file ,opened his mouth and looked serious: "Officer, there were three typos in the deployment document you gave me yesterday.I don’t think this is very rigorous. "

"..." S was speechless. He though, that he shouldn’t have picked him back together with Scarlett .

Scarlett and Cyanopathy stand beside S with serious facial expressions, not knowing what S was thinking at the moment.


Actually, S did not remember clearly about the day when the Faust brother and sister were picked up .

He happened to be passing by the breakwater. He still remembered that it was an late afternoon. The glow of sunset was like fire. The sky was like burning and the sky is full of red.

Afterwards, he had a deep memory of the flame-like red color and the brother and sister were full of dependent eyes .

In fact, S soon began to regret the adoption of Scarlett and Cyanopathy. It is his ideal and belief to calm down the border war and maintain the stability of the land.

In such troubled times, having such a belief is equivalent to putting yourself in danger for a long time. Both Scarlett and Cyanopathy are still youth.


Especially by coincidence, S occasionally learned the true identity of the Faust brother and sister that he picked up—the orphans of the Faust family...

S had only seen Speaker Morningstar Faust once. Morningstar Faust is an integrity man.Although s had only seen him once , S sincerely respect him

Therefore, when S knew that the Faust family had been persecuted because of political struggles, S felt sympathy and regret.

S just did not know that the children he occasionally picked up, turned out to be the bloodline of Speaker Morningstar .When S knew about this matter, he decided to keep the secret forever.

He understands that, whether it is the serious and steady Cyanopathy, or the radical and lively Scarlett, if they knew the truth of their life,they will desperately fight against the power of Prince Stonehaut.

For the ultimate stability of the Federation, S understands that he will confront the forces of the old royal family.

If there is a conflict or even a war, S hopes that the Faust brother and sister can stay away from these dangers.

The difference in combat effectiveness is too great. S understands this fact, and Faust's brother and sister also knows this. But they don't mention to each other.

In any case, they will persist in the end. This is a matter of faith. But S is always thinking how to protect the brothers and sisters to the greatest extent.

For the war situation, S almost reached the point where the food had no taste and could not sleep at night.


 Second Part

 Scarlett believes that picketing S’s military capacity and military discipline is more heavy work than just picketing the entire third-sequence fleet.

Scarlett, the chief master-at-arms of the third-sequence fleet Jupiter, was inexplicably highly regarded at the crowd.

Her evaluation of herself is "vigorous", "unselfish" and "hated evil like an enemy", but for some reason, she has a sweet nickname "Princess Scarlett" on the fleet ,she really hates the name.

In particular, S, who was grabbed by her to rectify his military capacity, said to her , "little Scarlett, no one cares."

"Really, you are obviously suitable for wearing military uniform, but every time you break your image, you will not have a girlfriend like this." Scarlett always breaks the heart of S's marriage.


Scarlett knew nothing about her natural parents.

These years, she has always been inseparable from his brother.

However, compared to her brother who is rigorous and reliable, She is more concerned with S who is adopted her and trained her.

It was fifteen years with S, although not always together, but for Scarlett, S is the most important person besides her brother. S is like a father and an elder brother. She is not afraid of him at all.

Scarlett was the only person in the entire Jupiter who dared to close S confinement.

"Scarlett, you confined the officer again," said his elder brother Cyanopathy. "He is our officer after all. I think you are too strict with him."

Scarlett shook her head and said gravely: "Brother, he, as the example of Jupiter, shouldn't he set a good example for the soldiers?"

Cyanopathy was always no temperament in front of his sister, but he felt sorry for S: "Though it's true, it's just that after the light-off time, S is still studying the strategic deployment. In an extraordinary period, would you make an exception for S this time? The officer is also anxious about the situation."

Scarlett said : "It is precisely because of the extraordinary times that we must follow the rules . His appearance will only make everyone more uneasy!"

Cyanopathy said: "Scarlett, I think you are too serious."

Is it too serious? Scarlett looked at his brother. Maybe yes, but this is her duty, isn't it?

"Little Scarlett, it's just stay up late,are you going to shut me down for eight hours?" In the confinement room, S said helplessly to Scarlett through the window.

"Rules are rules. In order to ensure good sleep for soldiers, after going out the lights, they should go to bed except soldiers who are on duty and on sentinel posts." This rule is set by you personally, you said this was the symbol of the humanity of Jupiter. "Scarlett said,"And don't call me little Scarlett!"


S felt that he was lifting a rock only to drop on his own feet,He sighed, "you are so strict. You never know how to blend. Such a temper like you, who will bear you in the future?

Scarlett curled her lip involuntarily: "I don't care, it's my own future, I don't need you to worry."   

They were silent in the window of the confinement room. A salty sea breeze blew from the deck, and The sea in the evening was surprisingly calm.


 For a long time, S whispered, "but I feel wide-awake lately."

S never said such things in front of others. Scarlett understood what he meant. How is the situation, she is more clear than anyone else.Lee-sea's long victory jointed fleet commander's rarely had such a weak moment.

Scarlett pretends not to understand the situation.In fact, for a ridiculous reason to shut down the confinement of S, she knew that she was totally "abusing her powers."

But she just wanted to find a bad excuse to let the anxious S put down his military affairs and have a good rest.


"...Little Scarlett, if the situation continues like this, I will try to send you and Cyanopathy back to the military academy first." S never said the words before, he doesn't know why he said it on this evening.

"Officer, we don't need to," Scarlett said with absolute certainty. "Since the moment I set foot on Jupiter, my brother and I vowed to live or die together with everyone in the third sequence. We are no longer children."

But in my eyes, you are still children. S thought.

He was silent for a long time and suddenly said: "Little Scarlett, you look at the sky. The sunset glows like a fire."

Red is like that evening, he met this brother and sister for the first time.


Scarlett looked at the crimson sky and didn't know what S thought at the moment. She was silent for a while and then pulled out S's favorite pipe from her arms: "Officer, do you want to smoke?"

S looked at her serious and young face, and suddenly smiled. “Does smoking in the confinement room not violate the rules, my chief master-at-arms?"

"Shut up, I'll give it to you." Scarlett gave his pipe expressionless "Moreover, calling me chief master-at-arms, but don't call me little Scarlett again!"

S couldn't help laughing.