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2020-Padro(the Hierophant)

 Several months have passed since the outbreak of the virus, the whole world is in chaos.


The top floor of a building in a security area

Don Padro, the thing has been completed, The man bowed his head with respect, It seems that there is not a man sitting opposited to hime,  but a God.

"Got it." the deep voice with a little tired.

The man turned away and left, there seems to be a sigh behind the door, as if it were an illusion.


Don padro, a guest with black envelope beg to see you.  The quietness of the house makes the knocking sound particularly abrupt.

Let him in. He frowned with low voice.

A man in a black suit walk into the room, he goes straight to the sofa and sits down.

Don Padro Picking up the black tea on hand and asking,  For him? Although in the questioning, the tone is determined as if it had been expected.

Don Padro is well-informed,  I heard that two little girls were rescued in the Fifth District.  

Same as usual...


The man say, he hidden well, we dont hear any messages about him, this time, we need to your help. The rule of the organazition, you are clearly.

You have to know that the situation has just stabilized. He is sitting upright.   I'm not ready to get involved into trouble..

That's why I'm coming, The man leans slightly forward, the meaning of the organization, as long as you can find k, other question we can discuss.


Really? He lit a cigar and seemed inattentive, Maybe some day, i will need the help from the organization, and of course not..

The man frowned and hesitated for a moment. his tone seemed to be a bit difficult. Well, this matter will be given to you.

Godfather slightly nodded.

The man got up and bowed, then left.


A teenager came in and seemed to have been eavesdropping on the door for a long time. ‘We have already found the hiding place of k, this time give it to me, i will not let you down. He is the best young man in the family, he is the son of Padro, also Padros apprentice.

I will go in person, I believe your ability, but I must do it in person, he put the cigar on the ashtray, then got up and put on his overcoat with the help of the young man.

This area was temporarily handed over to you.

Yes, Don Padro.