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The security zone was taken three days ago.

In the night, Lora secretly hid in the ruins and didn’t dare to make a fire because zombies moved most frequently at night.Fortunately it was in June and not cold.

Lora looked up the sky,brilliant stars filled.

So ironically.It had been a night city here before the plague - casinos, bars, nightclubs, people had indulged in metropolitan sensual pleasures, few among them had looked up to see the beautiful scenery over their head.

Lora would never forget that day-January 20th, 2020- the outbreak of an unprecedented worldwide plague , people infected started with a high fever,followed by brain death.Subsequently flocks of dead ones had revived but could not be called human any more,"zombies" instead.They had been turned into predatory, nocturnal hostile zombies..

Massive zombies moved with violent attack.Those who had been bitten became the same creatures and cities destroyed in a short time.Survivors had gathered and built security zones.

However,this security zone was occupied by zombies three days ago.

Lora did not feel so desperate,far from satisfied or not. Anyway, she had got nothing before.

While recalling the past,she was suddenly alarmed by slight footsteps ,and clenched her red fire-fight ax.



"Don’t follow me!" Lora said to K vexatiously.

She met K occasionally in the ruins of the security zone in the night of seven days ago.K was in his thirties, thin face with indifferent looks and he was a priest.With few words,K didn’t look like a good guy, but for his standard priest gown,Lora had might believed that he was a mafia,

 K was a priest.He not only prayed to the Lord every night but aslo persuaded Lora to pray.

"I don’t believe in God!" Lora was very tired of K.She had always been all alone,but had to have a companion since they met. 

"Do not follow me, I hate priest!"

 Though looked cold, he was good-natured.Instead of being angry with irascible Lora,he only said:"Pray with your heart, God will give you salvation."

"Salvation?"Lora glanced at K,"Where was God when the world was taken by zombies,and where was he when I roved alone in fallen areas?"

 Without a word,K quietly looked into her beautiful eyes.


Jul. 1st,2020

They were almost torn to pieces by those zombies.

 Lora panted with fear.She looked back, K panted too,with following her such a long distance.

"So useless you are! why didn’t you use the gun I threw to you?’"Lora was terribly angry with him. She had never been able to cast off K,no matter how hard she tried. When stuck in the flocks of zombies ,she threw the gun picked earlier to K,but he didn’t fire, which made both of them hardly escaped.

 K looked at her,"I don’t shoot."

 "Waste!" Lola cursed.

Abandoned by her parents,Lora grew up without any upbringing.She wandered on the streets all day long before the outbreak of plague.When later in the security zone where individual distinguished by ranks or grade,she had never been treated good. There was no fairness in the case of materials shortage.

To survive, Lora did not believe anyone.

She had been on her own all the time.

"You are no use, only burden to me!" Lora shouted at him, "Stop following me!"

 "God can not leave a young girl in such a dangerous situation." K always answered. 

 "No God any more! You tell me,where is the fucking God?’

 K had stared at Lora for a long time,pointing to his heart with fingers,said gently:"God is right here.You would understand it some day."




Three days ago,Lora was wet by rain and launched a high fever.

K had stayed to take care of her all the time.Due to the lack of materials in fallen area,K preferred to eat nothing and left the food to Lora.The fever made Lora almost unconscious and weak.She was afraid of being infected. After all,she was only fourteen,so young, so afraid of being alone. She seized K's hands tightly in the night,murmured: "Don’t leave."

K’s deep voice raised: "God will not leave you nor abandon you."Heard such words in disease,Lora laughed with angry:’Fucking God!But for the God, would you abandon me?’  She said with struggling to open her eyes on K.

There were unspeakable honest in his eyes,as sincerely as he prayed,K replied :"Lora,I will never ever give you up,I promise."



Though her fever had gone, Lora was still quite weak, K carried her on his back difficultly,finally arrived a new security zone.

"Everything will be fine, it looks very safe here." K comforted Lora.

Lora had been dependent on K unknowingly.She regarded K as her family who she never had before,but refused to admit that.

However,K had something hidden from her-as matter of fact,it didn’t seem quite safe in the new security zone.



Lora had been caught by unexpected invaders when K was out for food.So ferocious they were,Lora ‘s resistance did not work at all.

She was taken and caged in a dark dump cellar-like place, 

in addition to her,a little girl who is younger than her was caged there too.

Joey,the little girl was called , looked much terrified.

"Where is here?Who are they?Why did they imprison us?"Lora

grabbed Joey's arms.

Joey started to cry: "They are bad people.Bad people!"

It turned out that those who captured Lora were from an military group consisting of gangsters in this security zone.Since the worldwide disaster begun and all was out of control,the flocks of anarchists had established a security zone where they did whatever they wanted-killing,women plunder-everything here was in their control.

"It’s my uncle who sold me to them.They said that they liked young girls."might had suffered too much,Joey spoke with trembling.

However,Lora was just wondered. Did it happen by chance? Or it’s K who sold her for his survival?



Had been trapped in the cellar for two days,Lora began to convince herself that K betrayed her for the sake of food of something else.Her parents did abandon her,why didn’t K who she met occasionally?

The damn fucking hypocritical priest. He had might known about this security zone and had brought her here with the purpose of necessity exchange.

It must be that.Otherwise what for? For the God?There was no God at all.

She gnashed while thinking that she believed him practically.



Lora hardly believed her own eyes when K kicked the door and broke in.

In her opinion, although looked like a mafia,K talked about the God a lot and even didn’t have the guts to seize a gun..She had never seen him in fight before-holding a gun with fierce looks,which shocked her.

 "K ...... K? Is that you?" Lora nearly thought of delusion.

 K took out the fire-fight ax on his back,which is what Lora used to hold,and cut the chains of both cages.So cool!Afterward he threw the ax to Lora,said in short:"Outside surrounded,follow me tight."

As if in a dreaming dream,Lora took her weapon, "K ...... Isn’t you who sold me?"

"Bullshit. I said that I would never give you up."

Drops of warm liquid was about to come out from her eyes,Lora intended to say "thank you"but came out "Idiot"instead.



Fierce fight ended, K took Lora and Joey and fled the security zone.

Lora was totally stunned by his each fighting-head shot.

"Are you really a priest?" Lora asked.

K smiled. There were something he had no intention to tell Lora.

K was once a brutal cold-blooded killer,which he thought would be his lifetime career.Unexpectedly,he killed a little girl by mistake on a mission-A defenseless, completely innocent little girl.

K couldn’t be more regretted. Intense remorse made him went to the church for confession every day.At last,he gave up killing and became a priest.

When he met Lora in fallen area for the first time,as if he saw the little girl killed.Although Lora was rude,lack of upbringing ,K convinced that it was God’s guidance and the chance of self salvation God gave him.

He vowed no more killing, but in order to save Lola,he killed again - these guys devoid of humanity were more terrible than zombies.He did it all for Lora ,with a belief that God would forgive him.




Far away from the last security zone they were.

"Where are we going?"Joey held Lora’s hands and asked.

The world was big,but full of danger.Fallen areas are occupied by zombies, while people in security zones were even more devil than zombies.

Looked at K with no word, Lora was waiting for his decision.

K touched Joey’s head,said gently:"We are going to look for another security zone."

"But, I'm afraid ......".

Yes.afraid.There would be danger on the way and perhaps unsafe new security zone.

"Don’t be afraid,Joey.Believe in God.God is with us."K comforted.

"Damn it.God again!."Lora laughed.

"Do not profane God,Lora."

More God thing was interrupted by Lora,she looked into his eyes,seriously:"K ,it has nothing to do with God,you promise you will always be with us on the way,no matter what happens.."

K found dependence and trust in Lora’s beautiful eyes,which never be seen before.He gently smiled and replied firmly:."I do swear,never betray."