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Untouchables Game PART I

1. Must serve God as virginities all our lives.
2. Must be loyal to Seikyo without preconditions all our lives.
3. Must kill all monsters and deviationists without preconditions all our lives.
4. Must be absolutely honest to superiors without preconditions all our lives.

The holy rules said above, if being broken, sinners will receive serious punishments.


I. Islet

Every morning when No. 13 woke up, she would go over the holy rules of Seikyo. Of course before falling asleep, she would recite them again as well.
As the most devout believer and one of the Inquisitors who was regarded highly by incumbent cardinal, No.13 always clearly knew what she should do and what she shouldn’t.
As an Inquisitor of Seikyo, who served the God, she always spoke and acted cautiously. She deeply knew what she had were all given by Seikyo, including her body, her soul, her belief, and her living objective.
For Seikyo, eradicating all monsters and deviationists who shouldn’t be alive, was her mission in life.
However, now, No.13 ‘s belief was gradually vanishing.

“Maybe the boat will come, maybe not.” Man was looking at the sea level drily. The blazing sun was shining right over head, there was no wind at all. Also not so much pure water, food had run out many days ago. This deserted islet, which located in the center of the sea, had a hostile living environment.
No. 13 didn’t answer, she gazed at the nonchalant man silently. He was too calm, it was seemed that the hostile living environment totally had no relationship with him, who was called Boyce.
She should kill him at the very start. No.13 grinded her teeth.
Things went back to a month ago. Intelligence Division received a tip-off, it was said werewolf  would appear near Potya. No.13 was the Inquisitor who located most nearly to Potya, so she started off with weapon without hesitation.
Before, No.13 had never fought against werewolf. It was said that werewolf was not only very brutal, but also had strong recovery capability. It was absolutely not wise to deal with werewolf alone. But No. 13 went without hesitate. She was the most brave Inquisitor, and the most loyal. In her idea, all these monsters shouldn’t be alive in the world.
Werewolf on full moon was very horrible. Green eyes and theroid appearance made No.13 tremble, the first time in her life. But, for Seikyo, she was duty-bound not to turn back.
Fighting against werewolf was heart-stopping. No matter whether it was its tusks, or its claws, both could kill small No.13.
No.13 touched the scabby wound on her shoulder, and stared bitterly at Boyce, who was looking at the sea indifferently. Seeing what he was like now, no one would believe he was a vicious werewolf.

“ Your view is so sharp, if view can kill people, I must have been killed many times by you. “ Boyce turned his head and looked at No.13.
No. 13 turned her head back, tried to ignore him, and thought of things happened latter.
To her, originally this man was only an enemy, she would have killed him, she should not sit on the rocks with him, more should not remember his name.
Yet, No. 13 had no choice now.
On full moon, No. 13 and werewolf engaged in a deadly struggle. Her shoulder was injured, unable to single handedly launched the weapon she was proud of, iron maiden. And the werewolf, because of her before attack, his abdomen was shot by silver bullet, caught in a serious injury. In this internecine  fight, two people chased each other down to the water side. The werewolf leapt to a floating wood, tried to escape. But No.13 did not give him the chance, she caught up.
"Well, it’s been so long, can you say even a word? For example, introduce yourself? What's your name?" Boyce found that No.13 didn’t talk to him, but he kept asking, " I have told you my name, to be fair, should you tell me your name?"
No. 13 finally turned her head and looked at this man, who should be enemy, asked in a low voice, "why?"
It was the first time she talked to Boyce. Boyce couldn't help laughing. His smile was so gentle. 13 thought so.
"Because I saved you, isn't it?"
Yes, Boyce -- this damn werewolf had saved her. No.13 thought bitterly.
At that time, the weather suddenly changed, wind became larger and wave became stronger. Two people on wood finally could not keep balance. The werewolf bent down to hug one wood, No.13 held iron maiden with one hand, another wounded arm couldn’t do anything. They had gone to a place so far, if falling off......No.13 was not good at swimming.  If she threw weapon, she would killed by the werewolf; if not, she would be swept away by wave.
No.13 was so hurry-scurry. The natural environment was so harsh, what’s worse, she needed to face such a horrible enemy. She could not keep balance, what she could was only waiting for death. At this time, that werewolf, who should have lost head due to metamorphosis, gave her a hand beyond all expectations.
"Throw away weapon!" He shouted, "Give me your hand!" The voice sounded so nice.
No. 13 was surprised to find that the werewolf had changed to human. She looked up, the moon had been covered with clouds because of the unexpectedly storm struck,.
She could not trust the enemy, but under the threat of a more terrible natural environmental, No.13 finally threw away the iron maiden and gave her hand to the enemy.

"I don’t have name." No. 13 lowered her head, "They call me No. 13."
From birth, she was called No.13. No. 13 was her number in organization. In the organization, no one had name. From birth, her fate was arranged. Obeying the doctrine, training, killing monster. She didn’t have name , either friends, even not emotion.
She had hunted countless monster. Witches, zombies, vampires. But when she saw the werewolf Boyce, she felt terrible the first time. When she was struggling in the turbulent waves, she felt fear. And when they finally drifted into the deserted island, she felt lonely the first time.
Loneliness was so dark, and so boundless.
Boyce looked at her sympathetically. Then he suddenly said a word: "Lilian."
“What?” No.13 rouse her head, she couldn’t understand.
"Lilian, a good name, isn’t it?" Boyce said with a smile.
His smile was very good-looking. No.13 looked at Boyce under sunshine, being in a daze.
No. 13 had a name. Lilian. This name was intitled by her enemy – the werewolf, Boyce.
Soon after, No.13 finally knew what her new name meant.



Set up:
Name: No. 13
Age: 16
Position: Inquisitor of Seikyo
Nickname: the execution machine / Little Red Riding Hood
Weapons: Iron Maiden
As the Inquisitor of Seikyo , No.13 received the most brutal combat training. She had no name, only had the organization number.
She belonged to the cardinal, followed Seikyo’s order,
destroyed all monsters and pagans who were hostile.
At the same time,
she also had to dedicate herself to God, including body and soul.
She obeyed orders of her direct liaison - Grandma.
Because No.13 received direct orders from the cardinal, her status in Seikyo was superior to ordinary women,
their basic clothed were red cloak (different from ordinary nun black), it was also known as the "Little Red Riding hood".