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The story of Norman light 2.0

Norman is an elite:successful banker and philanthropist.
4 years ago,His wife disappeared and his daughter was
kidnapped for ransom but killed during the botched rescue
After grieving over his losses,Norman dedicated the rest
of his lift to philanthropy and founded "Norman Orphanage"
for providing foster for those homeless children.For his
dedication,he's being recognized as a community leader.
Unfortunately,since the orphanage was founded,it's been
under constant harassment from a secret crime group.
Lately there has been several cases of children disappearing
from the orphanage.Those incidents have cast shadows on
the orphanage.
However,just when the police detectives were about to
solve the serial crime,the orphanage,with the children
and Norman were consumed by a fire out of blue.
Arson was suspected,so many questions were leaving behind....