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How to order

How to order ?


1.Purchase directly on Ringdoll official website.

(1).Visit www.ringdoll.com, click ‘Sign up’ on the top right to fill out the registration information (Please ensure your name, address, telephone number and e-mail are true and correct.), to become our registered user.

(2).After successful registration, please choose the items you want and ‘add to cart’, then click on ‘Check out’ , it will jump to the Paypal payment page.

(3).The payment required is full payment in advance by Paypal, please ensure that your Paypal account is available. (For Paypal account registration,please visit: www.paypal.com)

(4).Please remember your order No when your payment successfully made,, which can be used for query if any problem may happen.

(5).Please e-mail to sales@ringdoll.com for telling us your order No.and make it confirmed again.

(6).The confirmation mail will be sent to you (through the e-mail address you provided)within one week after you pay .

(7).Then it takes 60-90 business days for production,when it is shipped,we will keep you informed about the tracking number.


Note: Your consignee information will be kept confidential, and we only use it for processing orders, please rest assured.


2.If you need bank transfer: 

All steps before payment are the same as that of Paypal payment .After you submit your order,please choose bank transfer, and make the transfer according to the bank information provided and then inform us about your order No.as well as transaction details by sending e-mail to sales@ringdoll.com.It takes 5-7 business days before your bank transfer can be checked and we will send you the payment confirmation if it is confirmed.


3.Purchase by mail / on-line customer service: 

If you need to communicate with our customer service for more detailed requirements , you can contact and communicate with us by e-mail or on-line customer service. (For example, commercial invoice or a designated shipping needed) 

Our contact email: 

For pre-purchase consulting : sales@ringdoll.com 

For sales service: service@ringdoll.com 


Pre-purchase consulting response time:2-5 business days (non-holidays) 

Sales consulting response time:7-10 business days (non-holidays)




You can also choose to directly contact with our online customer service for inquires:

Please install SKYPE software, and then click ‘SKYPE CHAT’ on the lower right corner on the website, and then go ahead.


Here is Ringdoll official SKYPE account: sales.ringdoll 


Please note: 

(1).Our online customer service working time:

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

China Standard Time

Monday - Friday

(2).Please do not unreasonably send video or voice invitation, thank you for your understanding. 



4.Purchase via Ringdoll official dealers. 

Please choose from the official dealers listed on the website.