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Norman Dark 2.0
Manufacture: RingDoll
Price: Sales Price:$999.00
skin color:
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Norman dark:

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Norman Dark Side 2.0 is the special limited item of Ringdoll The Infamous series.
The first on sale time will be on 31st December 2014.
Only 30 pics(including basic doll/fullset) for doll lovers and collectors from all over the world this time.
Dark side makeup: USD65
Dark side nude head: USD129
Dark side basic doll without makeup: USD555
Dark side fullset: USD727
Dark side fullset+ Light side head with makeup: USD885
Make up options for Light side head:
Option A: USD65  > Link <
Option B: USD50  >Link <
The full-set includes : head with face-up(RGM26) + RGM body-3(link) + eyes(Re-29) + wigs(Rwigs60-43)+ clothe(Rc70-39)+Shoes(Rshoes70-1)+Rot86(link)
Gifts for fullset: RGM fist hand(RGhand01)+4pcs Ringdoll exquisite post cards+2pcs Ringdoll refined sticker+ eyes sticker+head sticker+birth card
1. Body and resin colorin pictures: RGMbody-03, normal skin;
2. Head: RGM26
3. Both fullset and Basic doll  can have RGMbody-01/02/03/04 for option.
4. The lead time for fullset on RGMbody-03/04 is one month longer than on others,please noted.
5. Limited Norman Dark Side 2.0 fullset is only normal skin available.
6. Make up options for Light side head:
Style A: USD65  ▶click here◀ 
Style B: USD50   ▶click here◀ 
7. Layaway is acceptable
8. The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.
9. Eyes shipped with the basic doll were changed to acrylic eyes on Dec 1st, 2014. There are several colors for acrylic eyes and one of them will be shipped radomly. 
10. Adjustment for special skin color is acceptable, ▶click here◀ 


RD launched a confirmation service , anyone who pick up RD dolls will receive a confirmation mail in one week. Specific▶click here◀ 
Make-up Style A Details:
Make-up Style B details
Fan arts:
Norman from SDink ↑
Norman light 1.0 from garage516 ↑
More fan arts of Ringdoll: http://www.ringdoll.com/fan.php?id=18
Doll Measurements:
-Total Height (include Head) : 70.5 cm
-Girth of head: 20.5 cm
-Girth of Neck: 13 cm
-Girth of Chest: 31.5 cm
-Girth of waist: 23.5 cm
-Girth of hips: 28.5 cm
-Girth of arm: 10.5 cm
-Girth of wrist: 28.5 cm
-Width of shoulders: 15 cm
-Length of arm: 21 cm
-Length from Hip to Foot: 39.5 cm
-Length of Foot: 8.5 cm

Please carefully read the following terms and after you order, it will be considered that 

you have read and accepted these terms.


How to order ?

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/order.php

About shipping cost and shipping method:

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=155

About Shipping Insurance:

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=144

About tariffs:

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=145

How to order by Layaway

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=146

Pre-purchase information:

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=147

What situation is not a quality problem? 

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=148

How to care for your dolls

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=149

How to ask for color adjustment service

Please read the details : http://www.ringdoll.com/article.php?id=175






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Please carefully read the following terms and after you order, it will be considered that you have read and accepted these terms.

Pre-purchase information:

1.Dolls of Ringdoll are purely hand-made artwork,which means dolls and all accessories such as clothes,shoes are hand made by our professional staff.

2.Since our dolls are customized, full payment in advance before creation is required(Installment in 2-4 months is also acceptable and production get started after full payment finished).

3.Due to exquisite craft, it takes 60-90 working days to create each doll(depends on its complexity,single accessory needs less time than doll full-set.)

4.As the dolls are purely handmade - including prototypes sculpt, molding, coloring, etc.There may be slightly facial asymmetry, minor flaws or individual difference, which is a normal phenomenon, please carefully consider before purchase if you are extreme perfectionist.

5.We recommend that you buy the delivery insurance,if not,any lost occurs during transportation will not be responsible by Ringdoll.

6.We will check carefully every order before shipment and inform you about its tracking number after it is shipped.Please unpack and check with more care when your box is received. Damage occurs due to transportation and customs inspection is not responsible by Ringdoll.

7.About tariffs.Tariffs is drafted based on the standards of your country. If your commodity discharged by the customs of your own country, please contact the customs staff and reclaim your commodity after pay the duties required .Please send us e-mail for invoice if needed.

8.If refuse to pay customs duties, your goods may be directly destroyed or returned to Ringdoll in which case we will inform you and resend it with the shipping cost charged by you.If destroying unfortunately occurs, we can not be responsible for, nor do the refund. Please kindly understand that.

What situation is not a quality problem?

Since our dolls are purely handmade - including prototype sculpt, molding, coloring, polishing, makeup, etc. - 100% flawlessness is not guaranteed.

The following situation may happen,which is irresistible and inevitable and considered as normal phenomenon :

1.Sense of slightly facial asymmetry


Since the prototype is hand-carved sculpture and molded afterwards,a hundred percent absolutely symmetry can not be guaranteed. We guarantee that the dolls at your hand are consistent with our prototype.

2.Sense of subtle make-up asymmetry


Similarly as above, doll make-up is done by handy work of our artists instead of machine operation.

3.Slightly color difference of makeup or skin color with official pictures


Official pictures have certain tendency on color due to the surroundings and light when shooting, in addition to individual difference of monitor imaging, which make them slightly differ from that of real dolls.

We guarantee that Ringdoll’s dolls are drawn according to the only original prototype sculpt used for shooting.

In addition, each artist has his or her own make-up style which may explain.

4.Chromatic aberration happens to same dolls from different batches or purchase time


It is a normal phenomenon due to coloring by hand.

5. Whiten phenomenon may occurs to dolls in tan skin/special skin during polishing or make-up removal.


For such dolls,there are higher demands and more difficulty in coloring and the polished sites may be whiter, which is normal and irresistible.

Do not soak tan-skinned dolls in thinner for make-up removal,nor wipe them with different kinds of thinner,which may cause resin corrosion and surface whitening .Such situation cause by inappropriate treatment is not responsible by Ringdoll.

Doll itself is consumable and it changes on appearance and color as time goes by , we are trying our best to solve the problem for you after market.

How to care for your dolls?

Please follow the following maintenance rules.The problems caused by ignorance of them are not considered as quality defects.

1.Keep dolls out of long-time immersing in water in case of metal components erosion inside doll’s body.

2.Keep dolls out of high temperature to avoid resin deformation.

3.Be gentle with dolls. Dolls as resin artwork can be broke or damaged when hit with strong force or drop from high place.

4.Avoid sharp objects in contact with the surface of the doll,in case scratch and damage of resin surface.

5.Keep dolls out of the reach of children under 3 years old because some components are sharp and fragile which may cause choking hazards.

6.Please wipe gently dolls with Magic Eraser when it is stained. If it does not work, try to wet Magic Erase and dry with tissue paper.

7.When remove make-up on face/ body, please use swab with little thinner.Do not immerse doll head /body in thinner for a long time which may cause severe damage of resin surface..

About shipping cost and shipping method:

1.Optional shipping methods are EMS / DHL / UPS / FEDEX and so on. Please choose the most suitable one according to the specific circumstances in your country.

2.EMS and DHL are our most commonly-used ones.If you want a designated shipping,please tell us about it by e-mail(sales@ringdoll.com).

3.Here are some countries or regions who only support a single shipping method:

The countries only support EMS :Russia, Brazil

The countries only support DHL:Netherlands, Chile, Slovakia

4.If you can not find your location from the list of areas, please contact us by e-mails for purchase instead.

5.If you need a commercial invoice, please contact us with your order No.

About Shipping Insurance:

1.Transportation damage may occur probably due to the collision during transport, customs inspection or other reasons, which is out of our direct responsibility in principle.Therefore,we sincerely recommend that you choose to buy shipping insurance at the same time which is USD 15 for each.

2.If you do, we will buy the insurance when you purchase is shipped and confirm the order with the logistics company and keep it as proof.

3.Please carefully unpack and check the package at once when receive it.If any damage unfortunately happens ,please take photos with the presence of mail man before you sign.

4.Then please contact us within one week and provide the photos of damaged goods.We will contact the logistics company for assistance of compensation claim.

5.Contact out of one week or with no photos shot,which is out of Ringdoll responsibility.Please kindly understand.

About tariffs:

1.Tariffs is drafted based on the standards of your country. If your commodity discharged by the customs of your own country, please contact the customs and reclaim your commodity after pay the duties required .Please send us e-mail for invoice if needed.

2. If refuse to pay customs duties, your goods may be directly destroyed or returned to Ringdoll in which case we will inform you and resend it with the shipping cost charged by you.If destroying unfortunately occurs, we can not be responsible for, nor do the refund. Please kindly understand that.

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