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Ringdoll at Exhibitions / Shows



As an internationally-renowned brand of BJD, Ringdoll have taken part in some BJD shows or doll art exhibitions around the world since 2010.

 Here are the information about Ringdoll on the show so far,which will be kept updating:


In 2010  

Dollism Plus 5 in Hongkong in July

DP3 in Beijing

The 3th International Cartoon & Animation Festival in Macau in December (attended as an honor guest and gave a BJD lecture)


In 2011

Dollism Plus 6 in Hongkong in July

The 7th ICIF in Shenzhen


In 2012

Dollism Plus in Tokyo in Aug.

Dollism Plus 7 in Hongkong in July

DP5 in Beijing in Nov.



In 2013

The Pacific Northwest Ball-Jointed Doll Expo in USA in May

Dollism Plus 8 in Hongkong in July

Dollism Plus in Tokyo in Oct.



In 2014

Dolltopia in Thailand in Mar.

The National Doll Festival in USA on July 14th - July 18th     

Dollism Plus 9 in Hongkong in July              

Dollism Plus in Osaka,Japan on Sept. 20th             

I・Doll VOL.42 イベント in Tokyo on Nov.24th    

Dolls Rendez-Vous in Paris on Dec. 7th  



In 2015:

2015 PNW BJD EXPO, WA,USA on May 8th-9th    

Doll Akon, TX,USA on June 5th         

I・Doll West Vol.20(堺市産業振興センター)on June 21th      

Hongkong Dollvie      


In 2016:

Doll Akon 27 in Dallas, TX,USA on June 3rd-5th         

AnimeNext in Atlantic City, Nj,USA on June 10th-12nd    

The National Doll Festival in Washington DC,USA on July 26th - 29th     

Hongkong Dollvie in July                  

Dolls Rendez-Vous in Paris on Dec  4th


In 2017:

Wonder Festival 2017[Winter] in Tokyo,Japan on February. 19th

China International Cartoon & Animation Festival on Apr 26th to May. 1st

Doll Akon 28 in Fort Worth , TX,USA in June

Taobao Maker Festival in Hangzhou on 8th-12th JUL

Dollvie 2017 in Hongkong on Jul. 15th

DollPaCa 2017 in Thailand on SEP. 3rd

Dollism plus in Hongkong on Nov. 26th

Dolls Rendez-Vous in Paris on Dec. 3rd


 In 2018:

I・Doll VOL.52 in Tokyo on Mar.18th

Doll Akon 29 in Fort Worth , TX,USA in June