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The Rose of Swan


    The first time I saw the beautiful siblings in the Guise', was the spring in my age of sixteen.  

    I still remember that day. The sun was shining bright. The sky was blue and cloudless. A grand and gorgeous spring banquet was hold there on their lawn. 

    The spring banquet is one of the Swan's traditional festivals which celebrate the "Spring Day" on every third Friday in spring. In that day, people were all full dressed, cook delicious food to welcome the warmth and vitality which brought by the spring goodness. 

   The Guises was prominent noble in Swan, no doubt their banquet prosperous and luxury. I was eating delicate chocolate cookies, looking at the fox trot on the lawn mindlessly at that time. 

   It was right at the end of the trot, people who were in crowd, gave a way suddenly and slowly. And then, I saw the siblings, just like the roses, bloom in the morning, with pearl dews on face, beautiful, pure and fresh.  

   The chocolate cookies in my hand dropped unconsciously, for I stared at them in a trance. What moving and touching siblings they were. What a moving and touching scene they presented!  

   The sister and brother were exactly alike. They all in snow white skin, with soft golden hair, in luxurious clothes, and with smile on their brilliant and noble face. All their gestures were appropriate and elegant. 

   People all on the spot stared at the siblings who were as amazing as just stepping out from painting, shocked and freeze.

   "What a so called 'Swan's Rose'!"

   Someone screamed in a low voice.

   "Oh, the Rose of the Swan! " 

   People all gasped in admiration.

   I couldn't help myself to throng forward with crowd.

   Mrs Guise stepped out at this moment and introduced her children with elegant smile on her face. 

   The sister, Julia·De·Guise. She was in a white lace western style dress, with noble and elegant crimson velvet coat outside. Soft golden long hair to waist was slightly curly. Her skin was as beauty as crystal, face as exquisite as carved. Her eyelashes were thick and warped up with rose colored eyes. It may be odd for others with such special colored eyes, but not for her.

   The brother, Andrew·De·Guise. He was in a appropriate white lace suit. It may be not the style of boys in our times to add laces on a suit. But as it for him, it brings out the best for each other. Andrew looks exactly like his elder sister. However, without the color of their eyes: different from his sister, the color of his was light blue. This melancholy but pretty color made his skin looks even whiter as snow.

    As someone from other province, I never saw people as beautiful as them. And until the ending of the banquet I started to know how famous they were. They were from noble family, with excellent decent, brilliant appearance. They were dignity, elegant, and kind hearted. They were called as the "Swan's Rose".

   This description was exactly proper. I was already completely shocked by their beautiful. I didn't leave immediately after the banquet for there was other works I must finish in this city. And thanks to my father I got few chances to visit The Guises and got to know the siblings.

   The longer I got to know them, the more I liked them. The longer I got to know them, the more I understood them.

   The siblings were tacit understanding. It may owe to their strict family education and influence. They all bear special living habits with slight trend of obsession. 

   For example, while walking, it must be Julia who was on the right side. However, she must be the left one while sitting. What's more, they never took more area than one third of the chair. I observed several times, and they never missed.

   While eating, they used dinnerware in a given sequence. And the silver knife must be put at the left of fork after dinner. No exception.

   If facing the outsiders, there would always be only one of them talking and the other one keeping silent with smile. 

   Because of this, I couldn't get deeper understanding of them. All our talking were kept in surface. Although they were beautiful, elegant, and polite, but I still couldn't get full understand of them as if they were wear mask which stopped us to get their real characteristics.

   We never really got closed to them, but who cares? I can feel satisfied even just look at them calmly. The pure satisfy, which makes people happy. I was just a sixteen years old common girl, while they were gorgeous, noble aristocrat, be worthy of the name of the "Swan's Rose". I did not need to get closer to them.

   I spend almost the whole spring in the Guises'. When the rose began to open in early summer sunshine, father and I started the trip to get back our province. Maybe it was owing to politeness, Julia and Andrew came to send me off. Julia smiled and said:" Margaret, dear, I will miss you."

   "So, please do not forget me." I felt warmth and wet in my eyes. How sad I was to leave them!

   "Never would it be, we are always here." Julia hold my hand, smiled a gentle smile. And Andrew, stood in the shade of tree, looked at me in his charming light blue eyes, nodded and also smiled to me. 

   After that, I left with my father. Then family business began went wrong. We moved house several times and I tossed about with my family. I grew up, got married, and had a daughter. I named her Julia, for I still never forgot the siblings.

   Twenty years passed in a flash. Finally, I went to the siblings' city again. It was more prosperous than it used to be. After I found a place for my baggage, I visited the Guises immediately. 

   I was quite nervous when I knocked at the gate. I would finally meet the siblings again. The beautiful "Swan's rose"! What's their status after twenty years passed by? Do they still remember the whole beautiful spring twenty years before? Do they still remember that little girl who adored them like mad?

   Gate opened. I followed the servant, walked through the yard, lawn, lobby, and corridor.

   My heart was beaten intensely all the time. 

   However, when I again stood in front of them, my heartbeat almost stopped in that very moment.

   "Oh, Margaret? So glad you visit us again. We are always missing you."

   Julia said with gentle smile. Andrew stood at her left side, also elegant and joyful.

   However, I was frightened and stepped a step back.

   The same smile, the same voice, and the same luxury dressing.

   Twenty years passed by, but they were still the same as it had been.

   They should never get old a little.


Character description 

Name: Julia·De·Guise


Age: unknown

Birth date: unknown

Height: 5foot4


Birth place:Swan.Aisville

Favorite food:Chocolate Mousse

Favorite color:pink/white

Favorite animal: Greyhound

Favorite season:Spring

Name: Andrew·De·Guise


Age: unknown 

Birth date: unknown

Height:About 5foot6


Birth place:Swan.Aisville

Favorite food:taffy

Favorite color:yellow

Favorite animal: Owl

Favorite season:Winter


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