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Alfonso--The Chanting of the Dragon is Evidence


Since last month, for some unknown reason, the old lord suddenly became seriously ill, and all the doctors in the territory had come to see him, but they could not find a cure, nor could they tell the cause of his illness. The butler is still seeking other doctors, but last night, the old lord suddenly decided to pass the position of the lord to his only son, Alfonso. When the first sunshine rose, Alfonso took the sword of the lord who symbolized authority from the old butler.

"The chanting of the dragon is evidence, Alfonso will...”. The oath have not been finished reading, and have been interrupted by the old lord. He seemed to be very sleepy, reaching out his hand and calling his son to his side, "Don't be afraid, my son , the dragon will protect you." After saying that, the old lord closed his eyes.

Alfonso knelt at his father's feet and finished reading the oath with tears, “The chanting of the dragon is evidence,Alfonso will dedicate everything for the territory, including blood and life."




The new lord has not yet fully succeeded, and the old lord has not yet rested in the coffin, and the disturbance has taken place.

The guards all betrayed Alfonso, and the old butler stood on the high platform and shouted powerlessly, the most loyal men turned into betrayers.

"Drink this medicine and go see your father!" Alfonso's mouth was opened by the alchemist's fingers. The dark smirk on the alchemist's face, "You and your father are my masterpieces .”

The heart burned like a fire, uncontrollably spitting blood out of his mouth, the pain occupies the attention of Alfonso, he couldn't hold the sword that given by his father. During the struggle, the purple jewel on the hilt was crushed, and the whole jewel was stained with blood. People were surprised to find that the jewel was melted. 

In the trance, there seemed to be the chanting of the dragon in the sky, and Alfonso began to grow huge wings in his back.

"Father, why is this sword without a scabbard?"

"Because the dragon is free, you can't bound him."



Alfonso, who awakened the power, easily defeated the rebellious vassal, perhaps the blood stained Alfonso's eyes, the butler found that the young master's eyes turned red.

"Father, I will follow your will and protect our territory." The ground was full of blood, the young lord made a vow to himself, and then fainted.

When he woke up again, his eyes were still red.

"Butler,  I think..." Longing for blood to occupy his heart, he closed his eyes. "I want to rest for a while."



Some animals have been lost recently on the territory, but no one has said anything. Except for Alfonso lord, will anyone else have the right to use the embroidered bag with dragon wing ?

"Run faster, chicken, Alfonso lord seems to like you very much recently." The worker of the chicken farm laughed and greeted his own animals.

 The calm days did not last long, and under the glory of the full moon, the dark enchanter came with a conspiracy.



The young vampire was shot down again and again. He was too young to have enough power to fight against the endless monsters and wizards who had experience against dark creatures.

The territory is full of screams , Alfonso saw his own people being hurt by monsters.

"Alfonso, you have to protect our territory."

Alfonso looked at the full moon in the sky, and the moonlight reflected into his red eyes. "I must protect our territory and our people."

 The purple-black wings stretched out, and the panicked inhabitants gradually quieted down and followed Alfonso's command and ran to the mountains. The wizard said the obscure spell, Alfonso's right wing was hit hard. The purple blood splashed on the sword and formed a new jewel.


Breaking Dawn

It would be hundreds of years before Alfonso woke up, and the world was no longer familiar, but he was convinced that the dark wizard who had trampled on his territory was still alive, he would take revenge, he would keep his promise to his father and guard our territory.

 In this way, Alfonso flew to the jungle with his single wing and opened his fantastic life.

Such as:

What is the creature fly on the sky?

Whose castle is this? So tall!

For example, on a Halloween night, Alfonso raised the question: Has the world been occupied by monsters?  Are they own kind?