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Warlock Apprentice-Hui

 Warlock Apprentice-Hui

Warlock Apprentice-Hui
Weapons: Wand, Loudspeaker (It plays the biggest effect of the magic spell and lets the enemy feel his original Rap spell)
There are many events in this world that cannot be explained by common sense, this is what people call supernatural events. This is because there are monsters that live in the different world that ordinary people do not know. Although most of them only active in their own world, there still  be a part to run into the human world and create a disturbance.In a weird attack, I nearly lost my life and met a group of people with different powers. Then I was paralyzed away and finally became a student of their organization by mistake... It has been over a year now. What happened to me?
I am Hui, and i am going to graduate from the magic school. Now i am a Apprentice who is responsible for the inspection of this area. Although this is the first stage of the rookie, it still takes a lot time.  There are so many lyrics that I need to fill in,I'd like to go to the Rap battle scene.


According to feedback from local residents,the district is not very peaceful recently.
There was always a silly person in the neighborhood who is making a big noise in the middle of the night. Some residents said that the man is rap and the rhythm is not yet accurate.
“Someone might be mad.......”A women said and shook her head
In the last month, it was really noisy in the night ,the neighborhood committee dispatched people to arrest the people who make noisy. Containment become even more violent and the situation continued to expand,but it was still nothing,in the end, when the suspect escaped,only one shoe was left. In the interview,the head of the neighborhood committee said, During the containment of that night, there seemed to be a gas leak on one of the road sections, and all of us were fainting over there. Fortunately, no one was in danger of life. It was a great fortune.


The night of December 5
“Wow!I almost got caught and one shoe was running away!”A boy in black murmured breathlessly in the doorway of an underground bar.
This teenager is the new “Apprentice” in this area, his main job is to patrol the area. Once the weird events occur, it is necessary to quell them in time and can never be found by the ordinary people, But things don't seem to go very well.
“They even chased so far! Obviously it's a wonderful punch line, Why can't you enjoy it well... "There was something delicate in his voice.
The boy sits on the floor, picks up the shoe and wears it.,’It is just casting spells,but it has caused such a big disturbance, if i don’t use the loudspeaker, the power of the spell can't be fully  realized ...etc... What's the smell of this?”The teenager subconsciously covered his mouth and looked up and saw a few people walking like the living dead, approach him slowly.
They possessed by seance, it seems that their activities have been very frequent recently... ah? This is not the people who chased me! It was a group of unlucky guys. ”
The teenager got up, took out the loudspeaker with a magic array and cleared his throat. The wand on his hand burst out of light, the air quivered with his unique rhythm.
"Unfortunately, I didn't bring BEAT today, otherwise I could make you feel my unmatched rhyme.
Half an hour later, the street's containment started again, and the figure of the black boy flashed in the moonlight.