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Ringdoll May Activity!

May Activity

From 15th May 2018 to 31st May 2018 

1. Get 10% off  for all the items(limited edition is exclude)

                                       2. Order over 125usd,you can get re-52 (17usd) for free(limited edition is exclude)  

            3. Order over 825usd,you can get 80usd off(limited edition is exclude).

The customer can attend activity1,2,3 at same time.

Dealer can enjoy the activity 1and 2, the activity 3 is not include.

May Activity doesn't participate in other events.


1.Customer can attend acticity one, two, three at same time. 
2.Ringdoll Dealers can enjoy the activity one, two, the activity is not include.
3.limited/sold out edition is exclude. May activity doesn't participate in other events.

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