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Ringdoll 2017 Christmas Event!


1.Order over $200,get gift:$20 accessories

2.Order over $300,get gift:$30 accessories

3.Order over $550,get gift:Blank Ming

4.Order over $850,get gift:Ming Fullset


Time period:



1.Ming(Link) is specially-designed for the event and can be purchased  seperately.

2.Shipping cost is not included in the order total. 

3.Ringdoll dealers are included in the event.

4.Layaway is acceptable.Please email to sales@ringdoll.com for more.

5.The event can be combined with other Ringdoll event.

6.Order can be placed on Ringdoll website or via emails.

Please tell us  items you want for gift by email after order placed.(Especially  Ming,

please let me know which style or which skin do you need)

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